Ashes of Creation Alpha 2 Date & Ranger Showcase

Published at Dec 21, 2023

Alpha 2 Date

During the December developer update, Steven Sharif announced that Alpha 2 for Ashes of Creation will start in Q3 2024.

Alpha 2 is intended to run until the release of the game and will not be under NDA. Spot testing for Phoenix Initiative and/or Alpha 1 testers may happen before the official start of Alpha 2, but those tests will be under NDA.

To get access to Alpha 2, you will need to purchase a pre-order pack that includes Alpha 2 access. Sales of these packs will end on January 17th, 2024, and it is not currently known if they will become available again.

Ranger Showcase

The December livestream also included a showcase of the Ranger archetype.

Alpha 2 Trailer

There was also an update to the Intrepid launcher that was used during Alpha 1. The update consists of a 1m27s video trailer for Alpha 2 and is linked below.